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It was interesting how Lord Crail changed his mind about Torr when he was in front of the queen. Ok but not great I suppose you could say the theme is letting an artist do what and where they do best, instead of exploiting them But I feel the theme is too heavy for the bookit comes across as 70s artistic cynicism rather than fairy tale story. Story of an orphan boy who is taken in by a miller and his wife who expect him to work for his keep As he grows up he begins to sing at night Because of complaints, he began to go into the woods and sing to the moon He had a very unique and beautiful voice The lesson I saw here was that some gifts are meant for a certain purpose and not meant to be exploited or taken possesion of by others Really beautiful illustrations by Trina Hyman. I don t know how to feel about this books It s one of those books that I feel like I don t quite get like there sto it and it s just not resonating with me It s set in a sort of nondescript fairy tale land There s certainly a message to be taken from it, but it s perhaps not a powerful message at least not for me.I will have to think on it Maybe my opinion will change. My favorite book when I was a child, there is a kind of sweet, soft magic to it that brings you in and surrounds you in warmth and light. *DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇨ The Moon Singer ⇴ Long ago, in a far country, there lived a miller and his wife One day a woman came to the mill, leading a child by the hand Take this boy, she said, I can no longer care for him