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A nice little companion to Beverly Cleary s The Luckiest Girl though I still like that one better. {DOWNLOAD E-PUB} ⚩ The Promised Year ê When Keiko arrived in California from Japan to live with her Aunt Emi and Uncle Henry, she secretly comforted herself with the knowledge that she would be staying for only a year She liked Aunt Emi instantly, but Uncle Henry didn t seem to care for Keiko particularly, or for her cat, Tama He was always busy in his greenhouse, working with his beautiful carnations, and further he considered eleven year old Keiko too young to help him When Uncle Henry let Tama out of the house and she ran away, Keiko tried not to blame him too much Her aunt and uncle took her on sightseeing trips to nearby San Francisco to cheer her, but Keiko almost gave up hope of ever seeing Tama again or of making a real home in America Then new and serious trouble arose Aunt Emi was taken to the hospital and Uncle Henry s valuable carnation business was threatened by a thick smog How Keiko finds a way to help her uncle and how eventually they come to understand and love one another make a warmhearted storyYoshiko Uchida, whose Takao and Grandfather s Sword has won many friends, again gives an understanding picture of a young Japanese growing up to responsibility and independence