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&FREE ⇵ The Reluctant Bride ☉ When the wilful Sophia Challoner is forced to marry the notorious Earl of Avalon to save her father from ruin, sparks soon begin to fly She has been sold to the highest bidder so that she may produce an heir for the devilishly handsome and arrogant Earl and she is outraged How can she have any respect or feelings for a man whose reputation is that of a complete wastrel and philanderer She resolves to resist him at all costs yet Sophia is totally unprepared for the exquisite pleasure she experiences from her husband s wicked hands as he introduces her to a world of sexual delight she had no idea existed For Ralph, when his cousin had suggested he take a wife to heal the rift in his family, it had seemed the perfect solution to his problems However, he hadn t counted on choosing someone as spiritedly passionate as Sophia and something inside of him reacts to her in a way that disconcerts him What started out as a necessary chore soon becomes an exciting challenge as he determines to do what he does best seduce his young wife and put an end to the estrangement that exists between them But why is Sophia s good opinion becoming increasingly important to him And why does he feel the compulsive need to convince her that he is not the unsavoury character she believes him to be