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220 @READ BOOK ⚛ The Riddle of Qaf ô The search for the origins of a forgotten sacred poem is at the heart of this novel about a modern Brazilian poet of Lebanese descent who travels to the Middle East to uncover the truth about what he believes may be part of a group of pre Islamic poems Following the model of A Thousand and One Nights, the novel is a quest through time and language that recounts many of the poet s experiences as he travels through the deserts of Arabia in search of a beautiful woman whose beauty remains hidden until the circularity of the riddle of Qaf is solved Suurep rane raamat ja minu paar m tet on siin Suurep rane raamat ja minu paar m tet on siin V ga teistmoodi lugemine L his Ida, datlid, viirukid, aniisilik r, eebenipuu, kaamelid, araabia, v rtside l hn, ali baba, lilambid, ja d innid V ga huvitav l henemine islamieelsele araabia kultuurile. 2019 aasta lemmikraamat Ma olen t iesti lummatud T pselt selline raamat, mida tuleks lugeda teist korda le ja siis varsti uuesti lugeda, kuna iga lugemisega saavad n ansid selgemaks.