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[[ Download E-pub ]] ⛏ The Savage Hits Back; Or, the White Man Through Native Eyes ë In MarchLips resigned his directorship of the Rautenstrauch Joest Museum in protest against the edicts of the new Nazi regime and found he was the only Aryan ethnologist to do so What followed over the next year is the stuff of every nightmarish thriller about that period threat, persecution and false accusation by a former student and a former assistant now in control of the museum the mayor of Cologne and the secret police in pursuit of his manuscript and photographs An uproar was produced by the simple fact that a Cologne professor had lying in his house a manuscript the theme of which was the criticism of the white race by their coloured brethren In addition there were among the illustrations portraits of high German military and Government officials which were the work of blacks, one of the lower races The mere possession of the pictures was a crime against the State, how much criminal the attempt to publish them The idea of the illustrations had become a semi official mania although only the students had seen them, it was now the State, ie the Nazi party, that wanted them The mayor had cultivated a feverish curiosity about the vanished pictures, which were supposed to be lurid with nigger atrocities and insults to Hitler Finally a moonlight flit with his pictures and manuscript on the eve of his arrest was his only option This left his wife as a hostage for the production of the manuscript while Lips made his way to London and found Lovat Dickson who agreed to publish before he had read a line of the book The book is revolutionary It was the first time a mirror was held up in such a simple graphic way to the west who were shown how most of the world the supposed savage world saw them And how keenly it saw them