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Extraordinarily well written, absorbing and immediate This tale of a plucky little girl full of fiery passion composed of equal parts love and indignation, drew me in immediately The oddity of her situation made the story all theabsorbing, and the scary, real life detail of life in a lumber camp was great I loved how the characters were so fully fleshed out, so real and so interesting. [[ FREE DOWNLOAD ]] ↬ The Taste of Spruce Gum ⇔ Libby learns to appreciate the different qualities of her new life in New England This was a really good book, and might be good for pre teen girls There is a little bit of language in it the step father says damn a couple of times but the lesson is good learning to love a new step father and working hard to be a productive member of a family I would rate this as high as the Little House series It s a little known book, but apparently much beloved by librarians. Oh yes I just loved this one, too Transported me to a different time, place, and life experience One of the first books to do this for me.