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I remember reading this as a kid but I can t recall the story beyond the boy finding a genie in a beer can I remember the book was quite confusing because it uses British words that I wasn t familiar with, like trainers For the longest time, I didn t know what trainers were so I assumed they were socks Mind you, this was before Google existed. I loved this book at primary school and I loved it again probably thanks to the memories it brought back I didn t notice the racial aspect of the book when I was 9 and I certainly didn t realize back then that the book was written in 1974. I read this book a long time ago It is about a normal boy who us bullied and has some problems of that type On e day he finds a genie in a can the third class genie This story tells what happens next.As I said, I read it some time ago, but I remember I enjoyed this book, It was something different.I recommend it, so enjoy OMG that was really long time back My first book to cause a beer addiction I ve been looking for a genie ever since No luck so far Wonderfull reading though All those eastern and racial stuff is boiling in today s life Author had a vision. There s nothing really magical to give it modern classic status. Really enjoyed it. I thought it a bit incomplete although it was a bit interesting.I didnt hate but didnt love all that much either &Book ✘ The Third Class Genie ↡ Alec s world changes when he meets Abu the genie Disasters were leading two nil on Alec s disaster triumph scorecard when he slipped into the vacant factory lot, with Ginger Wallace hot on his heels, ready to destroy him There was a catastrophe awaiting him at home too, and of course school was yet another disaster areaBut his luck seemed to be changing when he discovered a sealed beer can that was obviously empty Stranger still, when he held it up to his ear, he could hear a faint snoring Interesting Saya gak paham isi ceritanya, aneh gitu, trus gak dilanjutin sampai selesai ngebacanya.