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Overall this collection is a solid 3 stars Warrior s Game was the best of the three and Warrior s Maiden was the weakest Although this is a series, each story stands on it s own with only minor references to the other books Someone could easily read these out of sequence and not at all feel as if they were missing out on some vital part of the story. GoodI enjoyed this series I liked the first two books in the series the best because they seemed to move at a faster pace Ami and Michael s story seemed drag on far too long Great stories.I loved the series I loved the drama and the romance I liked the historical locations I look forward to readingstories from this author. Denise Domning Dominates Whenever I start to read any Denise Domning novel I cannot put it down 2 30 am bedtimes become a regular occurrence I adore her writing style and her ability to draw me in to her characters lives She makes me want to live in medieval times ^DOWNLOAD ☝ The Warriors Series ↱ THE WARRIOR S WIFE Two warring families, one widow who has forgotten her family s hatred, one powerful knight determined to reclaim his family s castle and a wife to rule it beside him No one will stop him not her father, his king or the lady herself THE WARRIOR S MAIDEN A baron and his daughters are dead, slaughtered on the king s road, when the sheriff should have kept the peace Can his ungainly daughter solve the mystery of their deaths before the baron s grieving widow and his bastard son wreak vengeance on her father, the man they hold responsible THE WARRIOR S GAME One knight s widow trapped at court and longing for home, one common born knight determined to marry her Add a king who enjoys turning his subjects into pawns and let the game begin