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( Kindle ) ♽ Theological Bioethics: Participation, Justice, and Change ♲ As bioethics has evolved, those traditions whose thinkers had dominated the field in the last s and early s progressive Catholics and Protestants and Jews have struggled to be heard, and in some cases have been pushed to the edge of irrelevance A seemingly neutral political liberalism, with its commitment to the free market and scientific progress, has pervaded the public sphere, creating a deep suspicion of those bringing religious values to bear on questions of public policy Cahill wants to change that As a theological ethicist and progressive Catholic she does not want to cede a religious perspective to evangelical Christians and the pro life movement, nor does she want to submit to the gospel of political liberalism that pushes individual autonomy as holy writ To this end she advocates a participatory bioethics, that is, a call for progressive religious folk to reclaim the best of their traditions and engage political forces at the community and national level What s the payoff Cahill is clear justice in access to health care must be the number one priority But there is A participatory bioethics must go beyond decrying injustice, beyond a prophetic stance against commercialization, beyond painting a vision of a egalitarian future Participatory bioethics must also account for and take part in a global social network of mobilization for change Participatory bioethics must seek out those in solidarity, those in common calling, who are working to create a just social and political and economic system This is a mature, sophisticated, and highly ambitious work that could change the fields of bioethics and theological ethics