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This book has had a huge impact on my teaching It is full of effective, researchbased comprehension strategies that are easy to implement It is also easy to read; I wish Kylene Beers taught at my school so I could be friends with her. I highly recommend this book! I have tabbed it out and color coded my tabs for comprehension, vocab, spelling, and etc I can't wait to utilize this in my classroom I especially liked the story that Kylene Beers had with her student George throughout At times it was funny, sad, and eye opening, but mostly relateable. Dr Beers lived a common experience of middle school, high school and early college age teachers that persists today We enter a room as content teachers and find out we need to know how to be literacy teachers Even though multimedia instruction is a growing phenomenon, the majority of content learning in classrooms still occurs through the written word And guess what? Most students don't like to read and many aren't very good at it Some really struggle to read at all We need strategies and tools to help students read We care about this problem as teachers in all content areas, but helping another person read is a specialized skill that many of us do not have For those of us interested in helping teens and young adults improve their reading skills, this is the book we've all been looking for! Excellent, executable, evidencebased strategies I highly recommend it. Super informative and helpful Highly recommended! Chock full of useful information and ways to implement all aspects of reading into the classroom. This book is now my most treasured teaching resource I learned so much about how to help struggling readers. This is an excellent resource for Gr 612 teachers of literacy Some gems here for sure! Kylene Beers explains what her first year of teaching was like and I remember feeling the exact same way when I first started teaching I read this as an undergraduate student, but it holds so muchmeaning now as a practicing teacher of both writing and literacy I keep it on hand as a reference when I need to refresh my memory about how to help struggling readers I love all her stories of things that really happened to her in her own classroom I felt it gave the book an authentic voice and credibility Love it! WOW excellent resource for reading teachers of all grades, not just the targeted 6th12th graders in the subtitle! Iflower grade teachers used these strategies and techniques, perhaps there would be less of a need for this book in secondary grades In fact, a 3rd grade class showed me their version of Somebody wantedbutso (complete with hand motions) during a summary lesson in the library this week, the day after I read that chapter! So many great charts, question prompts, scales, lists, etc for every aspect of reading instruction, I took too many notes for this review! Chapter 5 is a gold mine for that age old bugaboo of inferencing Favorite quote on page 15: Anyone can struggle given the right text The struggle isn't the issue, the issue is what the reader does when the text gets tough. `DOWNLOAD PDF ↡ When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do: A Guide for Teachers 6 12 ↛ For Kylene Beers, the question of what to do when kids can't read surfaced abruptly inwhen she began teaching That year, she discovered that some of the students in her seventhgrade language arts classes could pronounce all the words, but couldn't make any sense of the text Others couldn't even pronounce the words And that was the year she met a boy named GeorgeGeorge couldn't read When George's parents asked her to explain what their son's reading difficulties were and what she was going to do to help, Kylene, a secondary certified English teacher with no background in reading, realized she had little to offer the parents, even less to offer their son That defining moment sent her on a twentythreeyear search for answers to that original question: how do we help middle and high schoolers who can't read?Now in her critical and practical text When Kids Can't ReadWhat Teachers Can Do: A Guide for Teachers , Kylene shares what she has learned and shows teachers how to help struggling readers with comprehension vocabulary fluency word recognition motivation Here, Kylene offers teachers the comprehensive handbook they've needed to help readers improve their skills, their attitudes, and their confidence Filled with student transcripts, detailed strategies, reproducible material, and extensive booklists, this muchanticipated guide to teaching reading both instructs and inspires