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This book is mostly about these twin girls that have a baking club and have friends that do it with them And the twins mom and dad are going away for the weekend and their aunt stays with them One of the twins is running for president for their school The kids from the baking club help one of the twins out with making posters for their campane I think this is a really good book because it shows how they feel and they have their own opinion. ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ⚓ Winner Takes the Cake ♁ Molly and Amanda Moore and their friends Shawn, Peichi, and Natasha have the hottest thing going a cooking business called Dish The girls have become great cooks and their business is really taking off But mixing friendship with business is not always an easy recipe to follow Amanda runs for class president, and the Chef Girls nemesis, Angie, runs against her As the campaign heats up, Amanda begins to believe that winning is everything can her friends bring her back to reality