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I have listened audio book This is a good book. Lots of great tips for employees taking charge of their performance, employers delegation and leadership, tips on saving face and mediation conflict resolution, customer service, and great quotes from lots of cool sources This book is a collaborative of common sense and success principles covers a broad spectrum of topics. Listened to the audio book in youtube The first chapter was quite preachy and nothing but motivational quips and really it s aaallll like that, if it weren t for my reading challenge I wouldn t have read it all but I wanted it to count so I powered through It s a shame none of these quips helped me stay motivated to read this book lol. *READ E-PUB ☠ Yes, You Can! ↟ Yes, You Cangives you good advice, and it gives you it tells how you can make that advice part of your daily life Whether your goal is to speak eloquently, discover hidden talents, or find fulfillment at work, this book can help It covers thanpersonal goals with the clear, practical advice for which Deep and Sussman are known The result is an inspiring guide to improving yourself and improving your relationships, balancing work and home, and building lasting success Many books will tell you that you can achieve your goals Yes, You Cangives you the tools to make that happen